Who We Are

What is See ME Not asd®, Inc.?

See ME Not asd®, Inc. is in the business of elevating exceptional people.

We are investing our range of creativity and resources to promote a cultural shift: intentionally choosing to see what makes individuals exceptional as a means of elevating and serving one another better and opposing the societally-driven focus on disabilities, diagnoses, diversities, and differences that limits possible achievements for any one person or group of people.

We share our framework for how to fulfill our purpose daily, so no one has to ever wake up feeling like a failure because they think they haven’t found it yet.

We invite every exceptional individual a safe community to feel elevated and we support them as they become the visionary they were intended to be.


Why do we offer Signature Apparel + Design?

For Your Awareness + Acceptance: Our collection of merchandise serves as a visual reminder, (for you and those who see you), to elevate exceptional people daily. All of our products are original works of art or adapted from our original works of art to encourage healing, advance awareness, improve understanding, and promote acceptance.


Why do we offer Aesculus The Buckeye Mala® Collection?

For Your Meditation + Mindfulness: Without intentionally investing time in ourselves to rest and renew the spirit we carry, we cannot fully engage in the joys of life, we are less prepared to navigate challenges, and we overlook valuable opportunities to elevate one another (and ourselves). Our meditation + mindfulness tools are carefully designed to inspire you as the visionary were intended to be.


Why do we offer the D.CarrLeePerez Collection?

For Your Love of Art + Purpose: Our Founder became an artist at age 23 as a way to cope with a broad spectrum of unpredictable emotions stemming from a level of diversity experienced by many: depression and anxiety. This collection encourages us to explore the full range of emotions we experience in all the roles we take on in serving others. Our Founder’s signature technique requires only time, space, color, emotion, and a palette knife, but the results are perfectly textured visualizations of how emotions should co-exist without judgment. Granting this permission leads to genuine fulfillment in our lives.


Why do we offer Courses, Workshops, and a Podcast?

To advance wisdom and evolve, we should feel encouraged to: (1) deepen the diversity of our understanding, (2) stay grounded in our commitment to practicing awareness, and (3) expand our service profile each time we see potential to serve others better. We are not meant to know everything, be perfect, or remain the same at any point in time and See ME Not asd® offers the tools needed to achieve fulfillment of purpose daily, serving one another by learning, practicing, failing, and changing.


Why are we committed to our Profit-to-Philanthropy Pipeline?

Many of us can empathize with the person who is desperate to thrive doing what they enjoy and what makes them exceptional, but is challenged with financial barriers. See ME Not asd® simply believes in elevating where we can, with as much as we can, to change this truth for as many exceptional individuals as possible through creativity, collaboration, culture, and community.

“See ME Not asd®, Inc. is not just a company, it is a culture, a community, a way of living. It is a commitment to seeing exceptionalities daily, to serving one another better in all the roles we take on throughout our lives. It is a feeling…a perspective to share and celebrate. It is inclusive, equitable, diverse, and creative, elevating what is exceptional and possible.”
-Devika Lynn Carr, Founder of See ME Not asd®, Inc.