Why Shop With Us?

Are you dedicated to elevating the exceptional people around you?

Our products are uniquely designed to offer creative ways for visionary people to stay inspired and encourage others around them to “think differently.”

When you See ME Not asd® you commit to seeing individuals for what makes them exceptional rather than focus on any underlying disability diagnosis, difference, or label of diversity as defined by society.

50% of all profits are donated to the See ME Not asd® Scholarship which shall expand possibilities for individuals diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, any specialized disability, any specialized diagnosis, or a societal diversity label that minimizes their access to opportunities which help to cultivate their exceptional talents, cultivate genuine friendships, and promote their inclusivity.

For more information or to inquire further about how you can help support this initiative, please email us at: contact@seemenotasd.com

Thank you for your support and welcome to See ME Not asd®!