This site is dedicated to gifted children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder without clear recognition for where on the autism spectrum they stand because they are high functioning.

As parents with a gifted child diagnosed as having high-functioning asd, we have found a need to constantly encourage ourselves and our son to love who he is, just the way he is, and to see him before we ever see the diagnosis, especially in situations where transitioning is difficult and behavior is challenging.

Oftentimes, the nature of an asd diagnosis causes confusion to us because there are so many “symptoms” that are matched with characteristics of undiagnosed children and adults. And we often wonder if our son really should have an asd diagnosis at all. The truth is, the spectrum is designed to include so many perplex characteristics and ranges of behaviors that the arguments could be made to suggest people are diagnosed when they shouldn’t be and many undiagnosed persons exist. We aren’t doctors and we aren’t trying to figure out the truth behind the diagnosis, that’s for other organizations and other initiatives.

The purpose of this organization is to bring awareness to the gifted children on the spectrum because I don’t want them to get lost in the complexities of the asd diagnosis world.

It is easy for some professionals to write off your kid as being on the spectrum before they ever consider he or she is just significantly gifted, and that bothers us. Not because we don’t respect the medical advances of understanding asd, but because gifted is still amazing!

So our hope is to shed light on our experiences, our non-medical ways of adjusting, and our efforts to listen when our son says, “See ME not asd.”

Sincerely, Garen & Devika