How We Serve You

We offer opportunities to be inspired and attain the knowledge and wisdom necessary to be the best version of yourself so you can be an inspiring visionary for someone else, on whatever path you’re traveling, in whatever role you’re serving, and however you make an impact.

We inspire you to strengthen your mindset and release the kind of societal expectations which lead to limitations on what is possible for each of us, so we may experience fulfillment daily by serving one another better.

Our Offerings Include:

1. Curated exhibitions of original artwork and unique design elements adapted for products to serve as visual reminders to elevate exceptional people daily, including yourself. We celebrate art as a form of healing, information, and inspiration and offer three (3) unique collections to elevate you:

2. Carefully designed meditation and mindfulness tools to inspire you as an elevating leader on your journey fulfilling your purpose. These include guided meditations, Aesculus The Buckeye Mala® necklaces, and mindfulness tours at notable outdoor locations which naturally awaken your spirit.

  • Guided Meditation Library (In Development)
  • See ME Not asd® Mindfulness Tours (In Development)

3. Course content, workshops, and podcast episodes designed to deepen diversity understanding, encourage a continuous practice of awareness, and evolve your service profile in creative and collaborative ways. 

4. A commitment to sustaining a profit-to-philanthrophy pipeline by donating 50% of profits to develop the See ME Not asd® Scholarship which ensures exceptional individuals continue to be elevated and offered opportunities to thrive doing what they enjoy without financial barriers often associated with needing additional supports or having specialized needs.