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  • Consciousness: Meditation, Prayer, & Intention Setting
    How much discipline do you have for choosing to engage in a practice that consistently presents the most promising range of possibilities afterward? Through meditation, prayer, or intention setting, you can discover a process that works for you, that gives you the range you need to find the most possibilities to succeed in all of life, to discover ALL of who you are. Have discipline to choose stillness in one of these processes and you shall find strength. Your greatest strength through stillness reveals your range of possibilities. Find who you are when you see what you can do.
  • The Luck of The Buckeye: Intro to Aesculus The Buckeye Mala
    Do you have an appreciation for stillness? A consistent practice to help bring calmness, clarity, and authenticity to your daily life? And do you actively engage in the power of bringing energy to thoughts and actions as a way to achieve your dreams? In this episode, you are introduced to Aesculus The Buckeye Mala and the "Buckeye" way of entering into a consistent practice for stillness that fills you with passion, inspiration, servant leadership, and lasting friendships in mind.To best serve others, you have to have clarity about where you believe your power comes from and we are inviting you to […]
  • My Mantra—Never When or Where
    Have you ever missed an opportunity because you were too focused on your preconceived ideas about when and where the opportunity you were looking for was going to show up?In this episode, we show you the value of releasing some expectations so you can fully receive all that is meant for you. By first defining your guiding principles about who you seek to serve, what you have to give, why you want to be of service, and how you can be of most service, you become clear about your inner purpose. Then, with patience, faithfulness to your vision, and living […]
  • The Clouds Are Up
    When was the last time you looked up at the clouds to see what you could see? Or the last time you sought deeper connections to others and your purpose as a visionary by looking to wonders of the natural world to diminish your ego? In this episode, we activate your opportunity to notice things with a higher perspective without relying on your worries or your thoughts. We discuss how inviting more awe-inspiring moments into your life can be the natural way to turn attention outside yourself and diminish your ego so you can finally connect they way finding and following […]
  • Love is Not Enough & It Certainly Costs Some Things
    Are you someone who goes beyond just using the phrase "I love you" to communicate commitment to those you love and lead? Or do you practice mirroring your actions based on how you want your love to inspire and impact the lives of others? This episode starts the conversation about what love is, how we tend to use it, and how we can be encouraged to go beyond it by making daily commitments to showing those we love and lead just how much we adore and unconditionally support them. When we understand that love costs a lot more than we think, […]
  • My Story & How It Led to Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion
    In this deeply personal episode, I share the story of my upbringing to bring awareness to the influence parents can have in shaping children's lives. I then share intimate details about the journey from naming my first born son to making the commitment to see his exceptionalities first, despite receiving an autism spectrum disorder diagnosis at age 3. I describe my frustration and sadness about the number of people who receive news about someone they love being designated as different or with disability and not knowing where to turn for resources that strengthen their mindset as they love and support […]
  • Once in a Lifetime: Every Experience Has its Own 1st Feeling
    I often wondered why we aren't effectively taught tools for reshaping the impact of "awareness moments" so we can elevate the human experience and manage our reactionary feelings in visionary ways that pivot our circumstances into sources of power. In diving deeper into my own wonderment, I discovered what we do with our feelings tells a lot about where we are going, how we are getting there, and the possibilities for us to achieve once we arrive. I created tools that raise our conscience and when we place our energies on three simple commitments, we elevate the human experience to […]
  • Evaluating Where You Are On Your Journey: Judgment Processing
    In our 5th episode, we are offering up a process for you to evaluate where you are on your life journey and create a shift in the way you perceive judgments. Being honestly aware about how you evaluate your life and what you do with judgments as they show up daily is a crucial step in being able to step into your role as a Visionary. We offer tools for successfully reshaping the impact judgments have on your ability to think and act, learning to release expectations, adoption and practicing a visionary way of thinking and feeling, so you may ultimately […]
  • Evaluating Societal Expectations: Norms, Barriers, & Possibilities
    Have you ever been labeled and felt societal judgments because of those labels? What if by opening your thought process to take notice of pervasive issues in society, you could focus on what is possible as opposed to the limitations labels create as barriers to succeeding and achieving what you desire. In this episode, we evaluate societal norms and barriers associated with labels and identify ways to create a shift in culture and in ourselves.
  • Here's What We've Noticed: Our Current Observations
    Before we can dive deep into conversations about societal expectations, we should have an awareness of the current culture of diversity and inclusion in the media and through social sharing. In this episode, we discuss some of our observations while setting the stage for a deeper conversation about how culture shapes societal expectations, norms, and barriers. We are asking you to identify what makes you diverse and what makes you equally exceptional and showing you how to do it.