This is the perfect product for anyone who: (1) Supports socially conscious businesses, (2) appreciates the time invested and the creativity behind hand-crafted products, (3) wants to live a more meaningful and purpose-driven life, and (4) wants to invest in something with exponential impact and inspiration for communities around the world.


To find the Buckeye Mala meant for you, follow these steps: (1) Believe in the mission behind our work; (2) Identify your intentions and match them with a product number (01-05); (3) Commit to SEEing individuals beyond autism spectrum disorder or any specialized diagnosis; and (4) Place your order, receive all that is meant for you & join our Community of Visionary Supporters!

AESCULUS The Buckeye Mala Design

We offer the following (5) designs of Aesculus The Buckeye Mala:

The Dahlia

158.00 $

Discover What Is Possible

158.00 $

Awaken Your Joy

158.00 $

Firm Friendship

168.00 $

Heart Strong

158.00 $

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